Though last month was motorcycle safety month, it is always a good reminder to be aware of motorcycle safety, whether you are a rider or driving in a car. In response, GEICO issued a series of safety tips to help you avoid a motorcycle crash in Daytona Beach.

GEICO’s Seven Motorcycle Safety Tips

Along with several other educational resources, GEICO issued seven reminders when it comes to motorcycle safety. They include:

  1. Remember to always wear a helmet.
  2. Buy and wear durable protective clothing.
  3. Take a motorcycle safety refresher course.
  4. Always follow the rules, including any posted speed limit signs.
  5. Ride defensively at all times.
  6. Never get on a bike if you have been drinking.
  7. Inspect your bike regularly, especially if it has been sitting for a while.

Following These Safety Tips Can Save Your Life

Though you cannot control the driving behaviors of those with whom you share the roads, practicing these seven safety tips can be the difference between life and death. They can help reduce the risk of being seriously injured.

Following Your Motorcycle Accident

In the event the unthinkable should happen and you find yourself a victim of a motorcycle crash, an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help you hold the negligent party responsible for your injuries.

If a motorcycle accident has left you or a loved one seriously hurt, call an experienced Daytona Beach motorcycle accident attorney at Johnson & Gilbert, P.A. at (386) 673-4412 or (800) 556-8890.

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