You were determined not to let sarcoidosis affect your life, but when blurred vision made it impossible to drive and your decreased lung function had you constantly running out of breath, you knew you would have to stop working.

When your household went down a paycheck, you began having trouble making ends meet. And because you’ve stopped working, you’ve become increasingly worried about how you will make the mortgage and pay your utility bills. Fortunately, Social Security benefits may help.

Do You Qualify for Social Security?

Although Social Security doesn’t have a specific listing for sarcoidosis, you may qualify for the benefits depending on what part of your body the condition has affected.

  • The lungs. Under the disability listing, you may qualify if the condition has affected your lungs. If you have chronic pulmonary insufficiency and pass a specific lung test to show that your lungs aren’t functioning as well as they should be, you may qualify. Having bronchiectasis or bacterial or lung infections from sarcoidosis may also be conditions that allow you to receive benefits.
  • The skin. Ichthyosis is a listed impairment and is linked to sarcoidosis. You may qualify for help if you have extensive skin lesions that have persisted for a long period of time despite receiving treatment, and they prevent you from working.
  • The eyes. Those with sarcoidosis may experience vision loss. You could qualify for social security if you have a specific level of vision loss based on visual acuity and visual fields.
  • The heart. You may qualify for Social Security if sarcoidosis has caused symptoms of heart block or mitral regurgitation. You can file under the chronic heart failure or arrhythmia listing.

Are You Confused by the Social Security Process?

If you’re baffled about how to file for Social Security or even how to begin, you’re not alone. We understand just how stressful and confusing the process is, and we want to help. Contact the legal team of Johnson and Gilbert to learn how we have helped others in the Daytona Beach area receive the Social Security they needed, and how we may be able to do the same for you.


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