The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) publishes a booklet for people interested in Department of Transportation-approved, street-legal motor scooters. The booklet is compiled from publications, organizations, and the observations and interviews of experts. It is designed to introduce motor scooter riders to their new riding environment, and deals with the responsibilities that riders have to themselves and to others on the roadways. The aim is to help riders enjoy their scooters by operating them more skillfully and safely.

The MSF booklet provides basic information, but it is product-independent, so readers must familiarize themselves with their own particular scooter. Because of the differences between products as well as federal, state, and local laws, those interested in operating scooters in any one particular area should consult local regulatory agencies as well.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is a non-profit organization, sponsored by major manufacturers of motorcycles and scooters, which promotes safe and responsible motorcycle use. It has set internationally recognized standards to promote motorcycle safety, and works with federal agencies, state and local agencies, the military, and others to improve rider education courses, operator licensing, and public information. The goal is to provide a lifetime of safety for motorcycle enthusiasts.

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