A recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) study sheds some light on what causes motorcycle accidents in Florida and elsewhere in the country. Some salient points are worth mentioning:

Older motorcyclists: In 2008, 51 percent of motorcyclists killed in crashes were aged 40 or more, up from 33 percent ten years earlier. This statistic contrasts with the younger age groups, in which fatalities have sharply declined in the last ten years. One reason for this trend is that motorcycle ownership by 40-year-olds has increased sharply over the same period.

Are bikers speeding? One of the great pleasures of motorcycle riding derives from the engine’s relative power.

Unfortunately, speeding is involved in 35 percent of fatal motorcycle crashes, compared with 23 percent for passenger cars, 19 percent for light trucks, and eight percent for large trucks.

Are some motorcycles more dangerous than others? The answer is straightforward: supersports — motorcycles built on racing platforms and modified for street use — are styled aerodynamically, light-weight, popular among those less than 30, and can reach speeds up to 190 miles per hour. In 2005, these bikes contributed to 22.5 drivers killed per 10,000 registered bikes, as compared with 10.7 deaths for other sports models and 5.7 to 6.5 for standard and cruiser models. Not surprisingly, speed was a far more prevalent factor in supersport fatal crashes (57 percent) than for standard and cruiser bikes (27 percent).

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