This week in Melbourne, a man was killed in a motorcycle accident after a car attempted to turn left directly in the bike’s path. Tragic, fatal incidents like these remind us that motorists are simply not always aware of bikes on the road and that we – both drivers and bikers – can do more to prevent these deaths.


The number one step drivers can take to prevent left-turn motorcycle accidents

Drivers simply have to be more aware of motorcycles on the road. Far too many motorists are looking for large cars and trucks, not smaller motorized bikes. Drivers can also take extra care when making left turns against traffic – instead of a quick glance for oncoming traffic, take a long hard look, especially at night and in poor weather conditions.


The number one step motorcycle riders can take to prevent left-turn motorcycle accidents

Motorcyclists should do everything in their power to increase their visibility. They can achieve this by wearing bright colored clothing, choosing a brightly colored bike, and riding with their headlight on even during daylight hours. They may also wish to use their horn if they believe an oncoming car may not see them before turning left.


Ormond Beach motorcycle accident attorneys

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