Like many other American office workers, you sit at a computer eight hours a day, 40 hours a week. Although those who stand on their feet all day think you have a cushy job, you would beg to differ.

At the end of some days, you feel like your head, neck, eyes, arms, and back are going to give out on you. Sometimes, the headaches you experience are so severe you go straight to bed when you get home. Unfortunately, you might have a repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Computer-Related Repetitive Strain Injuries Could Be Difficult to Compute

Working at a computer alone isn’t the only reason you could experience an RSI. Several other factors put you at risk, including:

  • Poor posture
  • Long fingernails
  • A stressful, unhealthy, or sedentary lifestyle
  • Obesity
  • Poor technique
  • Lack of breaks
  • Not sleeping well
  • Not accepting you are at risk when you really are
  • Working in a high-pressure job
  • Being loose-jointed
  • Having diabetes, arthritis, or another serious health condition
  • Feeling afraid to ask for accommodations

Unfortunately, repetitive strain injuries can affect you in all aspects of your life. Not only can you feel physical problems, such as numbness, pain, tingling, and stiffness, you can suffer from lifestyle changes, as well.

Those with the condition may avoid using the affected body parts, become overly protective of the painful areas, stop participating in activities they once enjoyed, and not have the ability to take care of themselves as they once did.

There May Be Help for You

Suffering because of work is no way to live. You shouldn’t have to experience a poor quality of life just to make ends meet.

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