When you think of an on-the-job injury, you probably think of a construction worker suffering a serious fall or a policeman risking his health in the line of duty. But the truth is that millions of work-related injuries happen in offices, factories, and cubicles – and they may not seem serious or life changing at first. But these types of injuries, caused by repetitive movements and cumulative movements, can have a serious affect on your ability to work, your health, and your quality of life.

Repetitive stress injuries are common among office workers who type all day, factory workers who make the same movements on the assembly line, and others whose jobs require repeated tasks. How can you prevent these repetitive stress injuries?


  • Be aware of repetitive motions. What movements are you required to repeat again and again at work? What parts of your body feel stress from these movements? If you catch a repetitive motion injury early, you are more likely to fully recover.
  • Consider tools and braces. A simple wrist rest or back brace can often stop a repetitive motion issue in its tracks and before serious damage is done. Request these tools and preventative measures at work.
  • Talk to your manager. If you are having a repeated movement health issue, chances are that your coworkers are also suffering (or will in the future). Make sure your employer is aware of these problems and actively looking for a solution.
  • Watch your form. You are more likely to have problems if you are not correctly positioning your body during your workday. Are you sitting up straight? Are you lifting with your legs? Is your computer monitor positioned correctly?
  • Take breaks, stretch, and strengthen. Don’t work through breaks. Rest and stretch the affected parts of your body. Stay healthy by regularly exercising and strengthening your body outside of work.


A repetitive stress or cumulative motion injury is just as serious as any other type of work-related injury. If you cannot work due to this type of injury, you may deserve workers’ compensation, just as with injuries caused by one-time accidents. To learn more about your claim and to get your questions answered, talk to our Florida workers’ comp attorneys today: 800.556.8890.