Escape Danger! A motorcycle accident scene is often a dangerous one. Over 60% of wrecks involve fuel spills or leaks. Accordingly, you should first distance yourself from fire hazards.

See a doctor. If you are injured in a motorcycle wreck, you should be taken to the emergency room for prompt medical care. Head injuries are among the primary causes of death in a motorcycle crash. Motorcycle accidents can result in numerous injuries, some of which can be hard to diagnose. Therefore, you should undergo a medical examination as soon as possible and obtain necessary diagnostic tests (such as x-rays and MRIs) without delay.

Report the accident to the police. Unless you are incapacitated, call the police and report the motorcycle wreck. Often, a motorcycle wreck is blamed on the driver of the motorcycle, which makes it important to protect yourself right from the beginning. Call the police and insist that they come to the accident scene and complete an accident report as this will identify the parties involved, the facts of the wreck and any witnesses.

Call an attorney you can trust. Contacting an attorney you can trust as soon as possible is important because there is a significant amount of investigation that must be done after a motorcycle crash. It is best to start this investigation before evidence or witnesses disappear.