motorcyclistWhile consistent on-the-road practice and visual hazard identification techniques for motorcyclists greatly help riders avoid an accident, they should also ride as if a crash was imminent—and be prepared for what happens afterward.

Motorcyclists often invest in top-of-the-line safety gear and bike upgrades, and these are helpful. But few bikers invest in the most important protections, leaving themselves and their loved ones struggling after an accident.

Easy Ways to Protect Yourself from the Deadly Effects of a Motorcycle Crash

The absolute easiest way for motorcyclists to protect themselves is to wear a DOT-approved helmet. It's your best defense against serious or fatal head trauma—including facial injuries, road rash, brain damage, and paralysis—and should be worn for every ride.

Three more simple things all motorcycle riders can do to protect themselves and their families include:

  • Get extra coverage. Make sure you have adequate insurance to cover all kinds of accident scenarios. Although Florida doesn't require motorcyclists to carry personal injury protection (PIP), riders should have as much coverage as they can afford to offset the costs of a crash. A strong PIP policy includes liability insurance, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, and comprehensive coverage for bike repair. Life insurance is also highly recommended for motorcyclists, especially if they have partners or children who rely on their support and income.
  • Carry a medical card. First responders to an accident scene know nothing about the victims, and cannot ask unconscious people vital questions about their health conditions. You should always carry a card with your identification to let paramedics know what medication you take, your blood type, any allergies you have, your health complications, emergency contacts, and other aspects that might affect your treatment.
  • Plan for the worst. Nobody likes to think about what will happen if they suffer a fatal injury on a bike ride. However, having directives in place help your family know what to do next if you're incapacitated or killed in an accident. You can prevent further losses by designating a financial and healthcare power of attorney to make decisions on your behalf. Also create a last will and testament so your final wishes are followed.

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