Most people never plan on becoming disabled, but when it happens it’s wise to have a plan. The many issues arising after one becomes disabled are more efficiently addressed with some forethought.

Whether self-employed or working for someone, getting a handle on your financial situation is important when facing a disability putting you out of work for any length of time. Since only a small percentage of persons receiving disability financial assistance receive it through private insurance or employer benefit plans, most people will depend on assistance through Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

SSDI Lawyers Help Navigate the System

Getting in line for Social Security disability aid can be time-consuming, complicated, and frustrating because the majority of claims are rejected initially. Experienced Ormond Beach SSDI attorneys can help with claims, notes the law firm of Johnson & Gilbert.

The number of all Americans receiving disability benefits is significant as is the number of workers receiving disability benefits. At the beginning of summer 2013, it was reported more than 10.9 million persons were disability beneficiaries, including more than 8.8 million workers.

While you never know when a disability will knock you out of the workplace, the Council for Disability Awareness (CDA) suggests ways you can prepare to meet the challenge should it ever arise. At the top of the list is having a clear picture of income, expenses and lifestyle and having a good understanding of how a disability would affect them all. Then you must make a plan for how you will deal with the crisis.

Loss of Income Requires Adjustments

Often, expenses exceed income so one must make some adjustments, reducing expenses. For many that means cutting back on:

  • Vacations
  • Recreational expenses
  • Entertainment
  • Dining out

Persons forced out of the workplace by a disability can explore other income sources. Among possibilities are:

  • Employer’s sick pay
  • Personal disability insurance
  • Employer disability plans
  • Personal savings. Unfortunately, it is estimated that a third of Americans do not have adequate savings for such emergencies
  • Accessing credit sources, including lines of credit on real estate equity
  • Workers’ compensation, if the disability is due to a workplace injury
  • Social Security Disability Insurance. Eligibility and benefits are based on your contributions to SSDI through withholding. Since six-month waiting periods are typical before benefits begin, having knowledgeable SSDI lawyers make sure your claim is complete is helpful

CDA encourages everyone to reduce the possibility of becoming disabled by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and making it part of your financial security plan and reviewing the plan annually as your financial conditions change.

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