weekly wage estimates for workers' compWhen you're injured at your job in Florida, you're entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to pay your medical expenses and lost wages. Your average weekly wage (AWW) is a vital factor for determining how much your wage loss benefits will be per week.

It's important to understand how it's calculated to be certain you receive what you deserve.

How Your Average Weekly Wage Is Determined

When you file your workers’ compensation claim in Florida, your AWW is determined. It's based on the earnings you received during the 13 weeks before your accident. Here's how this amount is calculated:

  • If you work more than one job, your income from all of them must be used when determining your average weekly wage.
  • Additional job-related expenses, such as transportation or uniform costs, may be included in this calculation in some cases. Bonuses, commissions, and overtime pay may also be considered. Your AWW can also include health insurance if your employer stops paying it on your behalf while you're off work.
  • The amount of your wages plus any costs or other earnings for the previous 13 weeks are added together and averaged to arrive at your AWW. You're generally entitled to 66 2/3 percent of your AWW in wage loss benefits each week while you're temporarily disabled and unable to perform your job.
  • If you're able to return to light duty or conversely, permanently disabled, different rates of payment may apply.
  • You can only receive up to the maximum weekly benefit. This amount is set by the Florida Unemployment Compensation Division, and tables with this amount can be found online. In 2018, the maximum weekly amount is $917.

Let Us Help Ensure Your Workers' Comp Benefits Are Accurate                            

It can be complicated to determine your average weekly wage. Seek the assistance of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to review the calculations to be certain they're correct. We have over 20 years of experience representing clients in workers’ compensation claims. To discuss your situation and learn how we can assist you, fill out the brief form on this page to schedule your free consultation.