Florida is a popular destination for summer party-goers. The Fourth of July is no exception. Party-goers put you and your loved ones at risk of being injured in a Daytona Beach car accident. As a matter of fact, the Fourth of July is considered one of the most dangerous and deadliest holidays due to alcohol-related accidents.

Police will be out in full-force

Impaired drivers can expect to feel the heat from law enforcement. Authorities are stepping up enforcement as part of their “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign. Their goal is to crackdown and arrest as many impaired drivers as possible. Their efforts help keep you and your family safe.

The Fourth of July

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Fourth of July is one of the deadliest holidays in the U.S. In 2010:

  • Motor vehicle crashes involving an alcohol-impaired driver claimed the lives of 392 people.
  • Of those fatal crashes, approximately 39 percent involved at least one driver with a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher.
  • Nighttime proved to be the most dangerous time. More than 80 percent of those fatalities occurred between 6:00 PM and 5:59 AM.

If you are caught

Besides the risk of being involved and injured in a serious car accident if you are caught driving while intoxicated, you could:

  • Face jail time.
  • Have to pay heavy fines and court costs.
  • Lose your driver’s license.
  • Be charged higher insurance rates.

Avoiding a drunk-driving car accident this July 4th

The last thing you want is to get caught driving while impaired or cause a serious car accident where you or someone else gets hurt. Here are some simple tips for a safe Fourth of July:

  • Plan a safe way to get home prior to drinking.
  • Designate a sober driver to take you home before you have a drink.
  • Call a taxi, sober friend, or family member to pick you up.
  • Report any impaired drivers you see on the roadways.
  • Don’t allow anyone else to drive drunk.

If you are injured in a car accident

Unfortunately, no matter the precautions you take, you can’t control the driving behaviors of those you share the Florida roadways with. Their negligence can result in you suffering a serious car accident injury. Your injury may leave you unable to pay your bills or earn a living.

The experienced team at Johnson & Gilbert, P.A. can help. We have helped countless of accident victims recover compensation for their damages. We can help you build your case every step of the way and ensure that your rights are protected.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident caused by a drunk driver, contact one of our experienced Daytona Beach car accident attorneys at Johnson & Gilbert, P.A. at (386) 673-4412 or (800) 556-8890.