construction_site_injuryConstruction work can be dangerous, and many employees suffer injuries or develop occupational illnesses. Because of the physical demands of most tasks, an injured individual often must take time off to recover.

If you're a construction professional in this situation, it's important to understand the major causes of workplace incidents and your right to workers’ compensation under Florida law.

Major Causes of Construction Injuries

The reasons for construction accidents are varied, and many are preventable. Common causes include:

  • Falls. A leading source of workplace injuries, falls from scaffolding, cranes, roofs, ladders, and other heights can cause workers to suffer life-altering injuries. Individuals can also be hurt in a slip and fall accident when liquids, debris, construction tools, and materials create hazardous conditions.
  • Trench collapse. Workers in a collapsed trench can suffer due to lack of oxygen and crushing injuries from the weight of materials on top of them.
  • Struck by objects. People working on lower levels are at risk of being hit by falling tools and materials, which can cause brain and spinal injuries.
  • Caught in-between. When employees are working with or near heavy machinery, forklifts, or trucks, they can become caught between these vehicles and equipment. These incidents often result in catastrophic injuries requiring immediate medical attention.
  • Electrical shock. Working with electrical wires, power tools, and machinery can result in workers suffering a dangerous electrical shock or electrocution.
  • Overexertion. Many job duties on construction sites are repetitive and can cause damage to a person’s ligaments, muscles, and tendons. This can cause chronic pain and limitations in his ability to move the affected body parts.
  • Scaffolding collapse. When safety guidelines aren't followed, a scaffold can collapse, causing workers on the scaffold and those below to suffer catastrophic injuries.
  • Vehicle accidents. Construction workers may need to drive on site at large projects or to different work locations and can be injured in an accident caused by another negligent motorist. In addition, nearby co-workers can be hit by an on-site vehicle if its driver isn't attentive.

Were you injured on the job at a construction site? You may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits under Florida law to pay medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

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