Did you know that current crash -prevention technology could prevent or mitigate up toas many as one out of three fatal crashes and one out of five serious or moderate injury crashes? Yes, the technology is there to prevent or mitigate up to 1.9 million crashes per year.

All this could be accomplished by just equipping all passenger vehicles with the four crash -avoidance features that are already on the market. These four technologies are:

• Forward collision warning/mitigation
• Lane departure warning/prevention
• Side view assist
• Adaptive headlights

Research shows that lane- departure warning could prevent or mitigate many fatal accidents, while forward collision warning could have the most effect on less severe crashes. The jury is still out on how well all these systems will work once they are common in passenger vehicles since much depends on driver response.

Forward Collision Warning: This technology alerts the driver when a vehicle is too close to the vehicle in front of it. More passengers die in frontal crashes than in any other type.

Lane Departure Warning: Camera- based systems that detect when a driver begins to drift can prevent head-on crashes, side- swipes, and collisions with off -the -road objects.

Side View Assist: This technology helps prevent accidents caused by from the blind spots on the sides of vehicles.

Adaptive Headlights: By helping drivers peer around bends at night, this technology could prevent some of the 2,500 relevant fatalities that occur each year.

Technology helps prevent large truck crashes

The key to protecting the occupants of cars involved in large truck crashes is preventing the crashes in the first place. There usually is no contest when a truck meets a car.

The combination of these four crash -avoidance technologies could prevent many of the 384,000 large- truck accidents that occur each year and mitigate many of the 4,100 resulting fatalities. Use of these technologies is important because trucks are involved in more fatal crashes than any other vehicle type.

Whether you are the driver or owner of a passenger vehicle or a large truck, now is the time to investigate the latest in crash -prevention technologies. The life you save may be yours or that of a loved one.

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