A Florida car accident is unchartered territory for most of us.  It’s not everyday you get rear-ended by another vehicle or hit head-on by a car running a red light.  That is why it can be so challenging knowing what to do.

If you have been injured in an auto accident in Florida and have tried negotiating with the insurance company to receive a settlement, you know firsthand how aggravating this situation can be.  Insurance adjusters are known for making lowball settlement offers and often times, they are not easy to work with.  The insurance adjuster was probably the one who made the first move to make a settlement offer and if you are like many injured accident victims, this settlement left little to be desired.

Insurance adjusters have a settlement range to work within when making offers and you can probably guess that they will start at the lowest end.  After all, the insurance company is the one who pays their salary, so their loyalty is going to be to their employer, not you.

You do have options if the insurance adjuster tries to settle your Florida insurance claim for an amount that you feel is unfair, which are as follows:

  • Try to negotiate a higher settlement.  Write a letter to the insurance company stating why you deserve more and back up your letter with supporting documentation.  Be sure to stick to the facts.
  • Ask to talk with a supervisor.  If the insurance adjuster is being inflexible, move up the chain of command and state your case to someone higher up in the ranks.
  • Contact a Daytona Beach car accident attorney. A car accident lawyer will be able to step in on your behalf and negotiate a fair settlement.  An attorney will also be able to represent you in court, if necessary.

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