Every Floridian who has been involved in a serious motor vehicle crash lives with the lasting memory of the impact, the sound of shattered glass and crushed steel, and the ensuing chaos and helplessness. The Daytona Beach car accident attorneys of Johnson & Gilbert have helped hundreds of victims recover and obtain just compensation after serious Florida car crashes.
Not all car accidents are in the same category, and car pile-ups stand out as the most frightening, most complex and most damaging of all.
How do pile-ups happen?
Pile-ups often occur in low-visibility conditions or on highways where dense traffic travels at high speed. If one vehicle suddenly stops, due to a breakdown or a crash, and the vehicle behind does not have the time to stop or does not see the obstacle until it is too late, the collision triggers a chain reaction, each successive vehicle slamming into the previous one. As vehicles try to swerve past the wrecks, the pile-up spreads to all lanes and shoulders.
The multiple dangers of multiple-vehicle accidents
In some cases, the pile-up will not stop until it has reached enormous proportions. Some major pile-ups have involved 100 to 200 vehicles. Even in an accident involving one or two dozen vehicles, the result is likely to be a scene of devastation. When the first victims try to recover from the shock or get out of their cars, another vehicle may strike them. Many vehicles will be hit repeatedly, and from different angles, increasing the severity of injuries. A tractor-trailer slamming into the crash scene may bring chaos and devastation to a new level. Leaking or exploding gas tanks may spread fire, and overwhelmed emergency crews may not even be able to reach the victims.
You can reduce the odds of being trapped in a pile-up
If you are traveling in low-visibility conditions, if you feel uncomfortable with the high speed of dense traffic surrounding you, you should immediately change course and:
  • Exit the highway to take a break and wait until conditions improve, or
  • Exit the highway to take safer secondary roads.
If you are careful and anticipate problems, chances are that you will never be caught in a nightmarish pile-up. If you are, you will need the support of an experienced car accident attorney to untangle the extremely complex process of determining who is responsible and should pay for the damage you have suffered.
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