The Cost of a Cheap Car Could Be Enormous.

It is a rite of passage, not just for the Florida teenager who has just gotten a driver's license, but for worried parents hoping they will be spared the worst. In 2009, 362 drivers aged 21 or less were killed in Florida, almost one per day, which explains why parents are concerned.

Worrying, as we all know, doesn't really solve the problem, and parents of young drivers can prepare themselves using the numerous "Parent Guides to Teen Driving" available on the internet.

Most teenagers will be involved in a car crash in Florida in their first years of driving, generally minor ones. One way to make sure a crash stays in the "minor" category, or is at least limited to material damage, is to buy a safe car.

Teenagers have preferences and selection criteria that are likely to be in complete opposition with what one would consider a safe car. You, the parent, should, however, be in a strong negotiation position, especially if you are contributing financially. Just make it non-negotiable: the car needs to be safe.

What elements should you consider?
  • Avoid old, cheaper cars that lack basic modern safety features;
  • Stay away from performance features and looks that encourage speeding;
  • Watch out for SUVs that are prone to roll-overs in abrupt steering maneuvers;
  • Make sure the car has front airbags, side airbags, and an ABS brake system;
  • Don't go for a small vehicle; choose a mid-sized one with a strong crashworthiness rating.

With the glut of passenger cars on sale, and the excellent websites showing safety ratings and features for each model and year, the basic research for a safe car can be done from your desk.

Teenagers need to be protected from themselves. If they have to learn through experience, make sure they survive the experience.

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