It’s a mystery as to why people don’t wear seat belts when in a vehicle. The truth of the matter is that seat belts save lives. Your seat belt is your single most effective traffic-safety device if you are involved in a Daytona Beach car accident.

Common excuses: Why people don’t buckle up

Despite the evidence, there are many reasons why people refuse to wear a safety belt when in a motorized vehicle. Common excuses include:

  • “They are uncomfortable to wear.” You have to look at the alternatives. How uncomfortable would a cast, neck brace, or third degree burns be? Think about the inconvenience of a permanent and painful injury.
  • “I’m only going to the store.” This has proven to be the most dangerous time for many accident victims. Studies show that 80 percent of auto accident fatalities occur within 25 miles of home and when traveling under 40 miles per hour.
  • “I may become trapped in a fire.” Though this is possible, the chances of you becoming trapped by your seat belt in a fire are slim. As a matter of fact, you are 25 times more likely of being killed in an accident if you are thrown from your vehicle than if you were strapped in.
  • “I’m a good driver.” That sound nice, but not everyone you share the Florida roadways with are good drivers. Their negligence can still lead to you being injured in a car accident.

More reasons why you should buckle up

The statistics are astonishing. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA):

  • Auto accidents claim the lives of approximately 40,000 people each year in America.
  • Auto accidents are the leading killer for people under the age of 25.
  • More than 40 percent of those killed in auto accidents each year are not buckled up.

You can’t always avoid a serious injury in a car accident

Unfortunately, no matter what safety precautions you take, you can’t always avoid being injured in a car accident. That is why you should speak with an experienced car accident attorney if you have been involved in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident.

At Johnson & Gilbert, P.A, our team has helped countless auto accident victims recover for their damages. Our goal is to protect your rights and ensure that you receive the best compensation possible for your injuries and loss.

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