Obviously, you want to avoid a car accident at all costs. A car accident can leave you with a serious injury and facing a mountain of medical bills you can’t afford. In addition, an accident injury can result in a major disruption to your life.

That is why we have included the list below of seven safety tips you can follow to help avoid a car accident.

Check Gauges/ Inspect Car

Many car accidents can be prevented before you ever start the engine. Check for complications before you put your car in drive. Before leaving, check:

  • To make sure there are no warning lights on.
  • To make sure you have enough fuel to make it to your destination.
  • Tire levels.
  • Fluid levels.

Use Your Eyes/Avoid Distractions

The use of your “peripheral vision” is critical to keeping everyone in your car safe. Continue to keep a watchful eye for road hazards by scanning the road ahead, using your side mirrors and using your rear view mirrors. You should also avoid driving distractions such as:

  • Texting.
  • Sending and receiving phone calls.
  • Adjusting radio and GPS settings.
  • Eating and drinking.
  • Getting dressed.

Check Blind Spots before Changing Lanes

You should always check your blind spots before moving into another lane of traffic. There are many areas, such as side streets and parking areas, where people can suddenly pull out.

Look Both Ways, Even if You Have a Green Light

Even if you have the right of way, you should always look both ways before entering an intersection. You can’t assume the other driver is paying attention or sees you.

Always Obey the Traffic Laws

Most car accidents are the result of someone not paying attention or someone violating a traffic law. Traffic laws are there for a reason…to keep you and those you share the Florida roadways with safe. Common violations that lead to car accidents include:

  • Speeding.
  • Running red lights.
  • Unsafe lane changes.

Always Maintain a Safe Distance

Many rear-end collisions are the result of someone driving too close to the vehicle ahead of them. Keep in mind that it takes at least a few seconds to stop a vehicle when the brakes are applied. Avoid following too closely and allow enough distance to stop in the event the vehicle in front of you slows down or stops suddenly.

Use Your Turn Signals

Always use your turn signals when turning or switching lanes. Drivers around you should know what your intentions are at all times. Confusion often leads to catastrophic results.

If you have been Injured

You can’t always count on the fact that those you share the roadways with practice the same safe driving behaviors that you do. Their negligence can lead to you or a loved one being seriously injured in a collision.

The experienced team at Johnson & Gilbert, P.A. can help you and your family if someone has been hurt in an accident. We have defended countless accident victims and will fight for your rights. Our goal is for you to receive the compensation and medical attention you deserve.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident, contact one of our experienced Daytona Beach car accident attorneys at Johnson & Gilbert, P.A. at (386) 673-4412 or (800) 556-8890. We can help you determine your next steps.