Anyone who has driven in the Daytona, Ormond and the Flagler beach areas, whether resident or tourist, has likely encountered some of Florida's extreme weather conditions.  Rain storms can be quick and severe causing local roadways to be covered in water in a matter of minutes.  A car's tires play a very important role in vehicle safety.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 400 fatalities and 10,000 injuries occur each year due to tire failures.  Worn tires can be susceptible to blow outs under extreme conditions or encounters with road hazards such as nails or debris.  In addition, worn tires will likely have less traction when roadways become slick following one of Florida's frequent rain storms which could lead to hydroplaning and loss of control. 

When purchasing tires for a vehicle, it is always preferable to choose higher quality tires.  These tires will incorporate the newest technology which will add to a vehicles safety.  Although they may cost more initially, in the long run, they may actually save money by reducing fuel cost and will need to be replaced less often.  Regular tire maintenance will add to the life of your tires and improve the safety of your vehicle.  By following a few simple maintenance checks, you can help avoid costly repairs and reduce the risk of an accident due to tire failure.  The following are a few service tips to maintain your vehicles tires:

1)  Monitor tire pressure on a regular basis.  Under-inflated tires reduce fuel economy and are a major contributor to tire failure.

2)  Regular tire rotation will help ensure even wear on the tires thereby improving performance and safety.  Check your owners manual for recommended frequency.

3)  Make periodic visual inspections to check for signs of uneven wear, cuts in the sidewall or debris such as nails or screws stuck in the tread.

4)  Know your tire's age.  Older tires are more prone to failure as the rubber begins to crack and other components begin to weaken.

These are just a few of the maintenance precautions you can follow to improve performance and safety.  By maintaining a vehicle's tires, you not only improve the safety of your own vehicle, but also of those around you.

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