Emergency crews are on the scene of a serious Florida traffic accident within minutes, and are trained to handle the most dreadful situations, knowing where to start and what to do.
While first responders save lives acting swiftly and decisively, and deserve our highest appreciation for this, you can only save your Florida truck accident case if you call a dedicated and focused tractor-trailer accident law firm right away and allow them to intervene immediately to protect your rights.
Why does a Florida truck crash case require quick reactions?
There are two reasons why your Central Florida 18-wheeler crash lawyer needs to act at once after you have suffered a serious accident with a large truck:
  1. Large truck operators are subject to very detailed state and federal regulations;
  2. The scene of your Florida truck accident may reveal evidence pointing towards the motor carrier’s liability, evidence that might disappear after only a few days or even hours.
Evidence gathering is not simple. The motor carrier may be responsible in a variety of ways:
  • Did the truck driver spend far more hours behind the wheel than allowed by federal rules?
  • Was the semi-truck overloaded, which may have caused or aggravated your accident?
  • Was the truck driver texting while driving?
  • What do the truck driver’s medical and qualification records show?
  • Did the motor carrier inspect, maintain and repair the brake system on a regular basis?
Many serious large truck accidents in Florida have devastating consequences. If the motor carrier is found to be liable, the victims may need to file a claim involving a large amount of money. Some motor carriers operate a fleet of over a thousand trucks and handle traffic accidents on a weekly basis. They may see it as their corporate duty to limit their exposure to claims and, while victims of a crash with one of their trucks are fighting for their lives, may dispatch a team to the scene and remove the truck and any incriminating papers, electronic devices and other objects or traces.
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