Do you know the difference between Collision and Comprehensive coverage?

In Florida, there are two types of insurance coverage to protect your vehicle, Collision and Comprehensive.  The following shows the difference in these two types of coverage.


-covers damage to your car, even if you are at fault in an accident which result in damage
-Most drivers with basic coverage are only required to carry $10,000 in property damage coverage
-In Florida, 25% of drivers are driving without the legally required coverage


-covers damage to your car NOT caused by a collision
-comprehensive provides coverage for damage due to fire, theft, vandalism or animal impact

It is highly recommended that drivers in the Daytona/Ormond Beach area and throughout Florida obtain these types of coverage.  Florida law requires that individuals carry Personal Injury Protection and Collision coverage for at least $10,000.  However, depending on your vehicle's age/value, more Collision coverage is recommended, as well as Comprehensive coverage.

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