The more you know and understand the causes of bike crashes, the more likely you are to anticipate and prevent them. Our attorneys, who love motorcycles just as much as you do, want all bikers to keep their rights to a safe enjoyment of their passion.

In a previous article on Florida motorcycle accidents we mentioned the University of Southern California’s major study on the causes and countermeasures of motorcycle crashes. We could then only publish a few of the numerous conclusions of the study, and would like to get back to the subject with more.

Let’s look at more conclusions of the bike crash study:
  • Motorcycle riders aged between 16 and 24 are over-represented in accidents, while riders between the ages of 30 and 50 are under-represented;
  • Bikers with previous recent traffic citations and accidents are over-represented in the accident data;
  • Motorcyclists involved in accidents are overwhelmingly without training. 92 percent were self-taught or learned from family and friends;
  • Almost half of the fatal accidents show alcohol involvement;
  • Typically, in a motorcycle accident, the motorcyclist has less than 2 seconds to avoid the accident;
  • Half of the body injuries were to the ankle, foot, lower leg, knee and tight-upper leg;
  • The use of heavy boots, jacket, and gloves effectively prevents and reduces abrasion and lacerations (road rash);
  • Fatal injuries were mostly to the head and chest;
  • Helmets meeting the FMVSS 218 standard are the critical factor reducing head injuries and crash fatalities;
  • The FMVSS 218 compliant helmet could be further improved by increasing protection at the back of the head and by making full facial coverage compulsory;
  • Voluntary safety helmet use by bikers involved in crashes was lowest for untrained, uneducated, young motorcycle riders, during hot days and short trips.

The above shows clearly the way to go to prevent serious injury and deadly accidents. It is however also true that many of the motorcycle crashes in Florida are caused by irresponsible, distracted or negligent car and truck drivers. When you have been the victim of a serious motorcycle crash caused by another vehicle in Florida, you are entitled to compensation for the often terrible consequences: medical costs, rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering, loss of income and material damage.

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