“Accident” is described in Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary as an “unfortunate event resulting from carelessness, unawareness, ignorance, or a combination of causes.”

With car accidents in Florida, the results can be devastating, note the legal team attorneys at Johnson & Gilbert, P.A., serving clients throughout the greater Daytona Beach metropolitan areas.

In north coastal and central Florida, the diverse nature of streets, highways and interstates coursing through residential, commercial, and rural areas presents safety challenges to all drivers. Death, serious injury—sometimes permanent injury—financial ruin, and lives altered forever are the result of thousands of street, county road, highway and interstate freeway incidents every year, remind the Ormond Beach car accident attorneys who have represented collision victims suffering brain, neck, and spine injuries; broken bones; amputations and paralysis; and financial loss.

Florida has more than 16 million licensed drivers who are involved in nearly 250,000 car crashes, including more than 3,000 fatal crashes, annually. Regrettably, according to a recent report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Center for Statistics and Analysis, traffic fatalities rose approximately 2 percent in Region 4, which includes Florida, last year.

Contributing Factors to Automobile Accidents

Among issues contributing to car accidents are the weather, mechanical failure, distracted drivers, recklessness, and medical emergencies diminishing a person’s ability to control a vehicle.

Inevitably, collisions are going to happen on Florida’s streets and highways. And, when they occur, it’s wise to know what to do to protect your rights. If you are involved in a car accident and not incapacitated by injuries, our attorneys at Johnson & Gilbert, P.A., advise you to:

  • Call 911
  • Remain at the scene
  • Exchange names and insurance information with other parties involved in the accident
  • Make sure a police report is filed
  • Get photographs of the crash scene if possible
  • Get a medical evaluation as soon as possible
  • Talk with attorneys experienced in car accidents cases to protect your interests, even in seemingly minor incidents

Our Florida car crash attorneys say notifying law enforcement is very important because it insures a report will be made, citing the facts of the incident, including statements from the other driver and any witnesses. Police reports and photographs can be valuable assets in case legal action is initiated.

Consulting with attorneys experienced in these issues is important to ensure all the evidence is acquired to produce a positive outcome in personal injury cases. The seasoned staff and Florida auto injury attorneys at Johnson & Gilbert, P.A. are dedicated to working with their clients to protect their rights for maximum recovery. If there is no recovery, clients owe nothing.

If you have been injured in a car accident in north coastal or central Florida, call the Ormond Beach offices of Johnson & Gilbert, P.A. at 386.673.4412 or toll free at 800.556.8890 for a free consultation.