We can all appreciate the risks associated with serving in our military. A new study suggests that returning soldiers face another danger when they return home. A USAA study suggests that returning soldiers are more likely to be involved in a car accident than when they were deployed.

The study itself

The USAA studied 171,000 deployments over a three-year period ending in February 2010. Of those deployments, 158,000 were USAA members.

What the study concluded

In its study, the USAA concluded that:
  • Deployed soldiers returning from overseas have a 13 percent higher chance of causing a car accident within the first six months of returning home than in the six months leading up to their deployment.
  • Members of the Air Force and Navy were less likely to be involved in a car accident as opposed to those in the Army and Marines.
  • Military personnel under the age of 22 were more likely to be in an accident where they were at fault than those over the age of 29.

Major contributing factor

The USAA concluded that military training may be a contributing factor. Many soldiers are taught how to avoid improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and other roadside dangers while serving in combat conditions. In many instances soldiers applied these driving behaviors used to keep them safe in Baghdad and Kabul to roads at home.

Accounting for the number of deployments

The USAA suggests that they number of deployments a soldier serves may have a direct correlation to the rate of accidents they are in. According to the USAA study, soldiers who served:
  • Three or more deployments were involved in 36 percent more auto accidents.
  • Two-deployment soldiers were involved in 27 percent more.
  • One-deployment soldiers were involved in 12 percent more.

USAA gets involved

“USAA has shared its research with each military branch’s safety center commanders,” the company said. “USAA has also shared the study with academics and traffic safety experts and has taken steps to make USAA members aware of the behind-the-wheel risks for returning troops.”

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