You’ve worked hard all of your life, but now you have decided to stay home and take care of your kids. Whether you just had a baby or you recently decided your older kids need you more than the workplace does, you’re taking on an admirable task. However, what happens if you’ve been hurt recently and now are unable to take care of them? Does all that hard work you’ve put in towards Daytona Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) previously go to waste? Here, a lawyer explains your options.

Your Eligibility

Just because you’ve spent time at home caring for your kids doesn’t mean you haven’t been working. In fact, many find that staying at home and taking care of the children is far more challenging than any job outside of the home is. Fortunately, if you have worked five out of the last 10 years under Social Security, you may be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits.

Age Issues

If you are under the age of 31 and find yourself disabled after you became a stay-at-home parent, your eligibility requirements differ, as you haven’t had as much time to work as someone older than you has. However, unless you have spent a long time as a stay-at-home parent, it is very possible you can receive Social Security benefits after becoming disabled, even if you are not currently working outside of the home.

Supplemental Security Income

Homemakers don’t always need previous work experience in order to be eligible to receive assistance. If they can pass a test showing limited financial resources, they may be able to get help from Supplemental Security Income, a separate income support program for disabled people.

We understand the stress and uncertainty you may be going through right now. When you become disabled, a variety of issues that you never had to think about before are staring you right in the face, such as Daytona SSDI.

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