Most of us, when we were taught to drive, were constantly reminded to keep our eyes on the road. It is a simple and obvious lesson. Yet, we are seeing more and more accidents that occur because one driver has taken his or her eyes completely off the road, focusing their attention instead on their hand -held texting device, or a cell phone.

The fact is that you can't be a safe driver when your attention is diverted by someone at the other end of an electronic line. This was brought home recently by driving tests that were given to teens to test their ability to drive while using a cell phone. The results were not pretty, to say the least,  and pointed out the dangers of using such devices while driving.

As one teen finished his driving test, with his eyes bouncing back and forth between the road toand the device in his hand, he was noticeably disoriented and stressed. He later said that texting while driving made the course much harder. He was unable to devote enough of his attention to the road.

Deaths as a result of texting while driving

Statistics show that more than 5,800 people died last year because someone was texting while driving. The practice has a worse effect than alcohol. Motor vehicle accidents especially affect the young people between the ages of 16 and 25 who are the most likely to spend their time texting.

When authorities look into cars following an accident, they often find cell phones open and ready to use. Most likely, they recently have been used. Programs are developing across the country to encourage drivers of all ages to put down their cell phones when they are driving. Teens and professional drivers can now sign an online pledge that they won't text and drive.

Cell phones banned while driving

More states are banning the use of cell phones while driving. Maryland was recently the seventh to do so. Half of all states now ban all drivers from texting while driving. A bill to do the same in Florida failed to pass last year. Localities in some states pass similar laws, but state law prevents them from doing likewise in Florida.

Parental responsibility

Parents must take an active role in managing their teenager's' driving habits, andespecially where cell-phone use is concerned. Parents must restrict use and if possible, they should also enroll their teenagers in driver-safety courses, which can bring home to the students the dangers of cell phone use while driving.

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