worker_and_lawyerIf you're injured in an accident at your job in Florida, you are most likely entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to pay your medical bills and replace a portion of your wages while you're home recovering.

While it should be easy to begin receiving your benefits right away, this is often not the case. You'll often need the assistance of a skilled workers’ compensation attorney to help you meet important deadlines and to guide you
through the process of filing your claim.

When Should You Retain a Lawyer for a Workers’ Comp Case?

A Florida-based attorney understands the complexities the state's workers' compensation laws, and is well-versed in negotiations for proper compensation. Here are times when you want a lawyer’s help:

  • Your claim is denied or not paid quickly. Unfortunately, employers and their insurance companies sometimes deny legitimate claims hoping a worker won't file an appeal; or don't not make benefit payments promptly as required. If you face either of these problems, retain an attorney as soon as possible.
  • You're not receiving a fair settlement. Although settlements must be approved by a workers’ compensation judge, you cannot rely on him to look out for your interests. You need the assistance of a lawyer to ensure you're receiving all of the medical expense and lost wage benefits you're entitled to in your settlement.
  • You suffered a disability. Your claim is more complicated if a partial or total disability prevents you from returning to your former job or from working at all. The insurance company may fight harder and longer to deny your claim because of its increased value. An attorney's guidance is essential for cutting through the red tape.
  • You have a Social Security disability claim. When you'll be receiving Social Security disability benefits as well as workers' compensation, you need the assistance of a lawyer to properly structure your settlement.
  • There's an employer dispute. If your boss retaliated against you for filing a workers’ comp claim, such as by demoting or firing you, a workers’ comp attorney can help you stop his illegal actions.
  • You have a third-party claim. Depending on how your injury occurred, you may have a claim for compensation against a negligent third-party, as well as entitlement to workers’ comp benefits. An experienced attorney can identify all liable parties and negotiate settlements with them and assist with your worker’s comp case.

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Experiencing a workplace injury is tragic enough—you don't need the complications of conflict in addition to it. Our workers’ compensation attorneys have the expertise to ensure all deadlines for filing are met; collect the evidence you need to prove your right to benefits; and negotiate your settlement.

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