Posted on Sep 04, 2009

A drunk driver was trying to flee the scene of a minor Florida car accident when she crashed her car into a tavern.  According to Daytona Beach police, the driver took out a pole and pinned a woman against a wall at McK’s Tavern on Beach Street.

David Hoffman, the owner of the tavern, said “in two seconds everything happened.  I saw it hit the first car parked and that car came shooting in my direction and came within three feet of hitting myself.”

The alleged drunk driver, 20-year-old Megan Kearney, was driving a red SUV at the time of the accident.  Daytona Beach police said that Kearney was speeding at a high rate trying to flee a minor accident.

Authorities believe that Kearney hit a curb and flipped her SUV, causing her to slam into three parked cars in front of McK’s Tavern.  One of the vehicles landed in a seating area and pinned a woman against a wall. 

Bystanders were able to help Kearney out of her SUV.  She sustained critical injuries to her leg.  Both Kearney and the woman who became pinned against the wall were taken to Halifax Health Medical Center.

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