Posted on Sep 10, 2009

Three people were killed in a Daytona Beach car accident following an apparent illegal high speed street race that took place on Flomich Avenue. The two speeding cars involved in the crash were a Camero and a dark colored sedan. The vehicles were driving at speeds in excess of 100 mph, according to Holly Hill police.

All three victims were riding in the Camero when the car lost control on a wet road and reportedly flipped and slammed into a wall. The accident took place at approximately 9:00 PM on Thursday night, September 3, 2009.

The Florida victims who have been identified as, Rachel Wright, 17, Jeremy Allison, 21, and Kathlyn Floyd, 54 appeared to have been killed on impact. The driver of the second car reportedly did not stop at the scene of the deadly accident. Local police are currently trying to locate the driver.

Holly Hill traffic investigators are awaiting autopsy reports to determine who was driving the Camero when the deadly crash took place. According to reports, the bodies were so badly mangled, that local medical crews were unable to make gender identifications at the scene of the accident as well as unable to initially determine who the driver was. 

The fatal street racing crash is currently under investigation by Holly Hill investigators.

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