I fell at work not once but twice within a two week period. Unfortunately on one of my falls it was a bad one and I hurt my back, neck and received a major concussion. I could not think straight at all and was in a-lot of pain. I definitely needed an attorney. I was lucky, I found the best attorney in Ormond Beach Florida, Frank Johnson from Johnson & Gilbert Attorneys. I needed a workers comp attorney and Frank Johnson has more than 30 years experience, plus he is a really nice guy and very personable. He takes care of all of your needs and explains everything. He went out of his way to help me from the very first day I met him. He is the nicest guy you will ever meet. He took a lot of time with me making sure I understood what the process was going to be and what to expect. His assistant Kathie was there for me for all of my paperwork and answering all of my questions. She is awesome and always went out of her way to help me. .Frank is amazing, he wanted to make sure I got all the medical treatment I needed and went out of his way to always explain things to me.  He is not your average attorney who’s in it for the money. He actually cared about me, and wanted to be sure I got all the treatment I needed. He did an amazing job for me and worked real hard to get me a great settlement. If you want a workers comp attorney that will take care of you and work hard for you, Frank Johnson is the man you want. He is the best. I would rate him 10 stars if I could. Also I don’t want to forget Miss Margaret who answers the phones and runs the front office she is a very personable lady and a great asset to the front office and team.

Diana Pappas