Don’t Wait to File for Daytona Social Security Disability Insurance

It was just another average day at work, but it’s one you’ll likely never forget: you became disabled because of an accident on the job. The time following this occurrence goes by quick and is often a blur, because of doctor’s appointments, treatments, and the trauma of coming to grips with your disability. All too often, people forget about filing for Daytona Social Security Disability Insurance, or are unsure of when they are eligible to file. Here, an attorney tells you what you need to know about filing.

When to File

In short, the answer of when to file is to file right now. You don’t even have to wait until the day after your accident to file. Once a doctor has deemed you disabled, you can file immediately. Filing as soon as possible means you will begin to get your benefits sooner, rather than later.

When Not to File

If you’ve become injured, but the doctor doesn’t think your injuries will last longer than one year, there’s no need to file. Additionally, if your illness is only minor, you probably won’t receive Social Security Disability Insurance. In this case, you can look into workers’ compensation to help you until you are able to work again.

Sick Leave

Some victims of accidents are under the false impression that they need to wait until they have used up all of their sick leave before filing for disability. If you believe your injuries will impede you for more than a year, file as soon as you can. Even if you have plenty of money in the bank and think you may be able to live off of that, you should still file immediately for Social Security Disability Insurance.

No one plans on becoming disabled, and not being able to work because of it can cause folks to experience great hardships. Having the help of Daytona Social Security Disability Insurance may stop that from happening.

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