Are There Social Security Benefits for Low Vision?

Because of a defect in your optic nerve, you’ve always had trouble seeing. As you’ve aged, however, your vision has become worse. Now completing everyday tasks such as driving, watching television, and reading have become difficult, if not impossible. And although you love your job, you’re unable to perform effectively because you can’t see as well as you need to.

Social Security May Make Your Future Brighter

Around 14 million Americans suffer from visual impairments. Fortunately, Social Security benefits are often available to them. However, in order to qualify for the benefits for low vision, you must meet these requirements:

  • You are considered legally blind. The Social Security Administration considers you to be legally blind if your vision cannot be corrected to better than 20/200 in your good eye, or if your visual field is less than twenty degrees or less, even with corrective lenses. If you meet these requirements, you will likely receive Social Security benefits.
  • You have functional limitations. Social Security will review your medical condition and investigate how it affects your ability to work. For instance, if your visual acuity is 20/70, your doctor may have noted that you shouldn’t drive. If you have a job as a driver, Social Security will take a look at your age, education, and experience to see if there’s another job you can perform. If the Administration doesn’t think there’s anything else that suits you, you may qualify for the benefits.
  • You have residual functional capacity. If you don’t qualify under the impairment listings, Social Security can give you a Residual Functional Capacity rating which determines your ability to work. If the vision in your better eye is 20/50 or worse with corrective lenses, you will likely qualify under this condition and receive benefits.

We Can Help

If you have questions about Social Security benefits or need help with the application process, the attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert can help. Contact us today at 800.556.8890 to learn how. We have helped many in the Daytona Beach area, and we may be able you, too.  


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