Employees have the right to go to work and expect to stay safe. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Many people become hurt everyday because of events that take place at work, and ultimately have to seek Florida workers’ compensation. The good news is employers may be able to prevent these accidents from happening.

What Your Employer Can Do

There are multiple strategies available for the employer who is truly concerned about his workers. A safety program can apply all three of these approaches, for example:

  • Identify Problems. It may sound redundant, but identifying potential problems and resolving them can prevent injuries from occurring. For example, avoid placing products too high up on shelves, as climbing a ladder to reach them could result in an injury.
  • Provide Training. Employers can potentially stop their employees from becoming injured by providing them with training. The training can include how to properly use equipment, tools, and machine controls, as well as good work practices including proper lift techniques. Additionally, teaching your employees to become more aware of what work tasks are more likely to cause pain and injury may encourage them to become more cautious when performing the tasks.
  • Involve Workers. Allowing your workers to become involved in the process of assessing the workplace and helping to devise solutions may increase their awareness of the risks and stop injuries from happening. Giving them information on how to recognize the early signs of musculoskeletal disorders and reporting them may also prevent severe injuries from occurring.

If you were injured at work, you have the right to obtain Florida workers’ compensation. Have your questions answered and increase your chances of getting the amount you deserve by hiring an attorney.

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