Veterans are often unable to work because of injuries they’ve suffered while on active duty. Unfortunately, they still have bills to pay and need to provide for their families. When they don’t have an income, this lack of a paycheck can be devastating.

Social Security insurance is often available to those who have been told by a doctor that they are too disabled to work, and veterans’ benefits can also provide assistance to former military members who are injured. Many veterans and their families wonder if they are able to receive both forms of help at the same time.

How Many Benefits Can a Veteran Receive?

Fortunately, veterans are able to receive both forms of assistance. Veterans’ benefits are not based on income need, which allows them to get benefits even if they are already receiving help from Social Security. However, receiving one benefit does not guarantee that you’ll receive the other. Consider the following:

  • Total disability vs. percentage of disability. Unlike Social Security disability insurance, Veterans’ benefits are awarded even when applicants aren’t completely disabled. In fact, a majority of veterans who receive assistance aren’t given a total disability rating. Veterans can receive a compensable rating as low as 10 percent and still receive help. Social Security, however, does not work this way. In the world of Social Security, applicants are either totally disabled or they are not, and those who aren’t likely won’t receive help.
  • Having Veterans’ benefits increases your chances of receiving Social Security. If your VA rating is very high—70 percent or more—your chances of receiving Social Security benefits are favorable, since another federal agency has already determined that you are incapable of work or that your condition makes working full time very difficult. Having a high VA rating is advantageous, since the Social Security Administration considers all impairments, not just those that occurred during service.

Let Us Help You Get the Benefits You Deserve

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