You live in a part of Florida that some call paradise: Daytona Beach. It makes sense that you want to be outside and enjoy nature as much as possible. Part of doing so is riding a motorcycle. Taking a cruise down A1A is one of your favorite paths, and you typically do so without any trouble.

Unfortunately, the last time you went on an adventure, trouble struck. A driver didn’t see you in his blind spot and collided into you as he attempted to switch lanes. This knocked you over and caused you to land on your side. You suffered significant injuries, but one part of your body was severely damaged: your hands. You weren’t wearing gloves, but if you had been, maybe your injuries wouldn’t be as severe.

Gloves Are an Important Part of Your Safety Gear

Along with aesthetics, bikers wear gloves for a variety of reasons. Some are for practical purposes, and some for protection.

  • Preventing sweating. You live in Florida, and it’s hot. Holding onto handlebars under the sun while sitting on top of a hot engine can cause your palms to sweat, which is dangerous. Gloves may prevent that hazard from occurring.
  • Protection from injury. It’s instinct to put your hands down or use them to cover parts of your body when you think you’re in trouble. Gloves create a barrier between you and whatever you may come in contact with, which can potentially save your skin, muscles, and tendons from becoming injured.
  • Maintaining a better grip. Your hands help to guide you while you ride. If they slip, your bike could lose control and you could become involved in a collision. Gloves can improve your grip, which may prevent you from getting injured.

Allow a Lawyer to Help You

Most motorcycle collisions are due to neglectful action by the other driver. Gloves can provide some protection when a car slams into your bike, but too often that protection isn’t enough to ward off all harm. The attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert want to help you if you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault. Contact us today to find out more.

If you know someone who was involved in a motorcycle accident, we encourage you to share this information with him or her!

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