Who Is Most at Risk for Developing Bursitis?

Bursitis can affect any joint—most often the shoulder, ankle, knee, hip, and thigh. This painful condition occurs when the bursa sac around a joint becomes inflamed. The body contains about 150 bursa sacs, and these sacs help your muscles and joints move smoothly. However, when they become irritated, they can cause extreme pain and discomfort.

Although bursitis can develop as the result of an underlying condition like scoliosis or gout, it is often caused by repetitive movement or extreme pressure placed on the sac. It can also occur as the result of an accident when the sac experiences trauma. No matter the cause, bursitis is painful and typically becomes worse unless treated.

Are You Prone to Developing Bursitis?

Those whose job duties require them to make repetitive movements are more likely to develop this condition. Additionally, employees who work in environments where accidents can easily occur are also at risk. Here are some occupations and activities that put people at risk for bursitis:

  • Athletes. Sports coaches, gym teachers, and other people who engage in athletics as part of their jobs are prone to developing bursitis. Throwing, kicking, jumping, or running repeatedly over time can place stress on bursa sacs, often resulting in swelling and pain.  
  • Manual laborers. Climbing up and down ladders, holding your arms over your head, and even bending over and picking up items can cause inflammation in the bursae, which makes those in the labor industry prone to experiencing bursitis. Additionally, working at construction sites or similar places increases your chances of getting hurt in an accident, which can also cause problems with your bursa sacs.

Workers’ Comp May Help

If work-related bursitis is causing you pain and an inability to do your job, you may be entitled to receive workers’ comp. The attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert may be able to help. Contact us today through our online form to learn more.


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