If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, you may experience an abrasion injury such as road rash. This condition occurs when skin scrapes against a hard surface, like asphalt or concrete, while moving quickly. Even if you are wearing protective gear, there’s still a chance you may experience this type of injury.

If Your Insurance Company Wants to Minimize Your Injuries

Road rash is more than just a minor scrape or cut. And when it’s severe, it’s possible that a victim can suffer permanent damage, loss of limb function, or scarring. The medical care required for serious road rash can be expensive, and if you file a claim after an accident, an insurance company may attempt to minimize your condition and offer you an amount that won’t cover those expenses. They may also try to refuse payment for the ongoing care needed for your recovery.

Here are some important reasons to speak with an attorney before agreeing to any settlement with an insurance company:

  • Skin grafts may be required. Just like burns, there are varying degrees of road rash. A first-degree rash is the least severe, and a third-degree rash is the most severe. With third-degree abrasions, the skin can peel away leaving tissue exposed.  When the injuries are this severe, skin grafts may be required. As you might imagine, not only is this procedure expensive, but it’s painful and requires a long recovery time.
  • The road rash may cover a large portion of your body. Depending on what you were wearing at the time of the accident, you could experience road rash over a majority of your body. When the abrasions occur in multiple places, your recovery is likely longer, and your pain level much higher.
  • Infection is possible. As with any wound, infection is possible and can become quite severe if the road rash is not treated properly.

How an Attorney Can help

If a motorcycle accident leaves you with road rash, you may be faced with expensive medical bills. The attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert want to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to learn how.


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