It wasn’t your fault that you were involved in an accident on North Atlantic Avenue when you were on your way to the Ocean Walk Shoppes. Unfortunately, you still suffered from injuries because of it.

When that truck hit your motorcycle, you were forced over your handlebars and landed on your chest. Along with a broken collarbone, you also have severe road rash. Although recuperating from your accident is probably the most important thing on your list right now, a few other tasks should be checked off, as well.

Don’t Wait to Start the Recovery Process of Your Accident

Although you may only want to relax, time is of the essence. Getting started on the aftermath of your accident as soon as possible is typically advantageous, as long as you get the go-ahead from your doctor.

  1. Receive medical attention. You probably already visited the hospital and saw a doctor, but if you didn’t, do so right away. You should also visit your primary physician for follow-up care.
  2. Report the accident to the police. If you didn’t notify them immediately after the accident, now is the time to do so. Having a record of the crash may help you in the future.
  3. Gather evidence. Collecting evidence is key if you plan on going forward with a lawsuit. If you are unable to go to the accident site and take pictures and gather contact information from witnesses yourself, ask someone else to do it for you. This evidence could be crucial if you go to trial.
  4. Report the accident to the insurance company. Call your insurance company and let a representative know that you were involved in the accident. However, avoid giving any recorded statements, and never say you aren’t injured. You could have been harmed in a way you are currently unaware of—a way that won’t present itself until later down the road.
  5. Contact an attorney. Talk to a experienced motorcycle accident lawyer about your case and find out if you are entitled to receive compensation.

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