After being hit by a car on Derbyshire Rd., you flipped over the handlebars of your motorcycle. While you could have suffered a traumatic brain injury or broken leg, you broke your clavicle instead. Although painful, a broken collarbone is typically treatable.

This injury is often thought of as minor; and because of this common misconception, many motorcyclists simply deal with the injury and the associated pain on their own—a decision they often regret later. A broken clavicle sometimes comes with serious complications.

When Someone Else’s Mistake Costs You

It’s not a good idea to ignore the effects of your motorcycle accident or deal with them on your own. Here’s why:

  • Treatment is expensive. Although some clavicle injuries heal quickly and easily, it isn’t always this way. Some patients require surgery in order for their collarbone fractures to heal. Additionally, bone infections, which often require costly antibiotics, can occur. You may also need physical therapy to help with recovery and strength. You can end up paying expensive medical bills for your injury when the accident wasn’t your fault.
  • You may miss work. A clavicle fracture can cause pain and limited mobility. Because of this, you may miss work and more than a few paychecks. Additionally, if your fracture is so severe that you can’t move your arm, you’ll likely miss many weeks of work.
  • You may have long-term problems. Motorcycle accident victims who suffer from broken clavicles often experience arthritis at the fracture sites. This may mean pain medication and additional treatment in the future.

Are You Prepared to Pay for Someone Else’s Mistake?

Expensive medical bills can result from a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault. Unless you have an attorney to help you, you may have to pay these fees yourself. Contact the attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert to set up your free consultation, and find out how we may be able to help you recover the compensation you deserve.


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