Your teenager has ridden on the back of your bike for as long as you can remember. She still talks about that trip you took to Disney World on your bike, and loves joining you at Bike Week each year. Naturally, now that she is old enough to drive, she wants a motorcycle of her own.

Although you trust your daughter, you know how dangerous bikes can be. You would never forgive yourself if you received a call because she was thrown from her bike on I-95 and rushed to Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center. So you’re not sure what to do.

Are Teens and Bikes a Safe Combination?

You know your teenager better than anyone and only you can make the choice on whether she gets a motorcycle or not. Before you make your decision, however, here’s what you can do:

  • Advise her of the dangers. Since she’s no stranger to riding on a bike, she may have a vague notion of the dangers, but until she is operating the bike, she won’t fully know for sure. Talk to her about the dangers motorcyclists face every time they take a ride, including not being seen by many drivers and how inclement weather can create a dangerous collision.
  • Quiz her on her knowledge of safety. Does she know the rules of the road? Does she understand how to get motorists to see her? Does she plan on wearing a helmet? You’ll need to take all of her answers into consideration when deciding if she should ride a motorcycle by herself.
  • Make sure she knows what to do if in an accident. No matter how careful your daughter is, she could still become injured in an accident. Inform her of what to do when involved and how to protect her legal and physical recoveries.

If the Worst Occurs

If your daughter is injured in a crash because of someone else’s negligence, she may be entitled to receive financial compensation. The attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert may be able to help her receive that. Contact us today to learn how.