stack_of_filesWhile there are a few different ways to apply for Social Security disability benefits, each one requires you to provide specific documentation about your case.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) needs both personal and medical evidence to evaluate your claim effectively, and your decision may be delayed if you don't provide complete information.

Documents Needed to Apply for Social Security Disability

The SSA asks you to provide a variety of official documents as proof of eligibility. If you provide the original documents along with your application, the SSA makes photocopies and returns the originals to you. If you send copies, they must be certified by the office that issued them.

Your disability application should include documentation:

  • Family records. You may need to provide a copy of your Social Security card, driver’s license or ID, and proof of age for each of your family members who may qualify for benefits. You may also need a copy of your marriage license if your spouse is applying for benefits as well.
  • Medical records. You'll be asked to answer questions about your medical condition as well as provide copies of your medical records related to your disability. This includes your laboratory and test results, imaging studies, prescribed treatment, and the names and dosages of your medications.
  • Work and tax history. You'll be asked to provide a summary of your work history and what kind of work you performed. Documents required for this section include your most recent W-2 forms or a copy of your federal tax return showing self-employment.

Processing times for Social Security disability benefits can take anywhere from three–to–five months, and sometimes even longer. However, there are many things you can do to shorten the time between application and decision. Our attorneys keep in contact with the SSA to move the process along on your behalf.

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