May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. This campaign reminds drivers that motorcyclists are returning to the roads and looks to reduce the number of motorcycle accidents and fatalities. This year’s theme, “Share the Road,” promotes awareness and recognition of motorcycles as part of the transportation mix on roads and highways. The overall campaign objective is to increase driver awareness of motorcycles and encourage motorcycle safety.

How SEE Can Help Prevent Accidents

Although motorists should be especially aware of motorcyclists, bikers must take responsibility for their own safety. By implementing the SEE system into their riding, bikers become proactive and improve their chances of staying out of an accident. SEE is a three-step strategy that can help a motorcyclist or any driver reduce risk on the road. Here are the key components of the SEE approach:

  • Search. Be aware of your surroundings, and actively look for risk factors and possible hazards. Searching allows you to make smart, speedy decisions if action is needed. Key parts of the search strategy are checking your mirrors and monitoring your blind spots. Your search activity should also include monitoring traffic control devices and markers, road characteristics and surface conditions, and other drivers.
  • Evaluate. Predict potential problems, and make a plan for dealing with them. A successful evaluation involves anticipating the worst possible outcome in order to get the best results. Being ready for a worst-case scenario will help you determine the best reaction and action.
  • Execute. Once you decide on your course of action, follow through with it. Because time and space are limited in a critical situation, responding in a decisive and immediate way will provide you with the greatest amount of safety. Decisions are executed in three ways: communicate using your lights or horn, eye contact, or body language; adjust speed; and adjust your position.

When You’re Injured, We Want to Help

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