Riding a motorcycle at night certainly has its advantages: less traffic on the road, cooler temperatures, and a gorgeous view of the sky. On the other hand, driving in the dark is also filled with potential dangers.

Even the most experienced biker can face challenges when riding after dusk. Being aware of the potential problems, however, may help motorcyclists to avoid making the same mistakes.

Nighttime Driving Dangers

You may think you are completely familiar with riding on I-95, A1A, or any other road in Daytona Beach. Once night falls, though, even a familiar roadway may bring its own unique set of challenges:

  • Drunk drivers. A majority of drinking and driving occurs at night, particularly on the weekends. As a motorcyclist, you are especially vulnerable to accidents caused by intoxicated drivers, because you don’t have much protection against when a collision occurs. If you are struck by someone who is driving under the influence, you are likely to receive grave or even life-threatening injuries as a result.
  • Night vision problems. Some drivers experience difficulty seeing when it is dark outside. Even if you believe you can see fine, the person coming towards you may not. You could end up the victim of a major crash because of another driver’s inability to see well at night.
  • Others have difficulty seeing you. Motorists have problems seeing bikers during the day because of their small size. This difficulty is even more pronounced at night. A driver may run right into you because he wasn’t able to see you.

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