You were on your way to the Halifax Oyster Fest when you were involved in an accident on Route 1. The vehicle behind you failed to stop, crashing into you and forcing you off your bike. As a result, you landed on your shoulder and broke your collarbone.

Unfortunately, your fracture was a bit complicated. Your collarbone split in multiple places and needed pins to set it properly. Along with the surgery, you also needed physical therapy to gain the strength back in your shoulder and arm.

Will You Ever Be the Same Again?

The doctor expects you to make a full recovery, but there’s a high chance you’ll experience problems in the future. Not only are these problems painful and inconvenient, they are expensive. Here are some of the possible problems you may encounter:

  • Pain. After an injury heals, patients often experience pain in their shoulders and collarbone areas. This may prevent them from properly raising their arms above their heads and using their shoulders without experiencing discomfort. Alleviating the pain may require additional physical therapy, medication, or even surgery.
  • Osteoarthritis. A majority of fractures are prone to osteoarthritis as the patient ages. Unfortunately, those with clavicle fractures can develop this painful condition, which can cost thousands of dollars to manage. 
  • Deformities. Some fractures don’t heal properly and can cause deformities in the bone. For instance, the clavicle may become shorter than normal while it attempts to heal, which can cause problems with mobility.

Are You Prepared to Pay for Future Problems?

Although many view clavicle fractures as minor problems, those who have experienced them know just how complicated and expensive they can become.

Are you prepared to pay for costly treatment now and in the future because of someone else’s negligence? If you don’t have an attorney on your side, you may end up doing just that. The legal professionals of Johnson and Gilbert want to help you get the compensation you deserve, now and in the future. Contact us today to learn how.