Your pelvis is probably something you don’t think about much, unless you injure it. However, a pelvic fracture is one of the most severe and dangerous injuries you can experience. The pelvis is a butterfly-shaped group of bones that includes the pubis, ilium, and ischium bones. It houses a complex group of ligaments, nerves, and blood vessels, and protects the bladder, rectum, and intestines.

Types of Deadly Pelvic Fractures You Can Experience From a Bike Crash

The pelvis is prone to injuries during motorcycle crashes because it has so many bones and is extremely vulnerable. Many different accident situations can result in a direct impact to the pelvis and can leave motorcyclists fighting for their lives. The types of fractures that can threaten your life include:

  • Vertical shear pelvis injury. This type of fracture occurs when one-half of the pelvis shifts upward. Tears in the pelvic and sacral ligaments can result in massive blood loss that can threaten your life.
  • Open book pelvis injury. In this injury, the hip experiences a fracture that causes it to open like a book. The ligaments and blood vessels that surround the fractured bones are often severed and can cause major blood loss, which could kill the accident victim.
  • Lateral crush injury. A lateral crush injury occurs when half of the pelvis is crushed either inward or outward. Damage to the ligaments and blood vessels can become life-threatening when significant blood is lost.

What Will Your Life Be Like After a Pelvic Fracture?

Pelvic fractures can take time to heal. Unfortunately, most pelvic fractures cause breaks to multiple bones, which means the pain and recovery are often extensive—and so are the costs. You can expect to incur medical bills now, and you’ll likely be billed in the future because of treatment you may need in the future.

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