The aches and pains you’ve experienced over the last few years have caused you severe distress. You’ve gone to many different medical doctors, but none have been able to help you. As a result, you may have become depressed.

On a referral from your primary care physician, you’ve sought help from a mental health specialist. After describing your symptoms, the specialist told you you have fibromyalgia. Since you now have a diagnosis, you are thinking about filing for Social Security benefits.

Does a Diagnosis From a Mental Health Specialist Help You?

Typically, receiving a diagnosis for fibromyalgia from a mental health specialist decreases your chances of receiving Social Security. Here’s why:

Mental Health Specialists Often Misdiagnose This Condition

Much in the same way primary care physicians misdiagnose fibromyalgia, so do many mental health specialists. Oftentimes, patients receive this diagnosis when doctors are unable to find a reason or cause for their pain. Since Social Security claims examiners know this, they are quick to deny claims for fibromyalgia that are given by mental health specialists.

Depression Can Be Mistaken for Fibromyalgia

Widespread aches and pains are often common among those who suffer from depression. Such symptoms also go along with fibromyalgia, which can make a misdiagnosis possible—particularly for a mental health specialist. Additionally, becoming depressed as a result of the pain you have experienced is common.

Help for Those Who Are Denied

We understand that sometimes just getting out of bed is difficult for those with fibromyalgia, let alone going to work. We also understand that fibromyalgia is a real condition that can cause extreme pain.

The attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert believe that you should receive the Social Security benefits that you need, and want to help you get the benefits you deserve. Contact us today to speak with an attorney about your situation and find out what we can do for you.