Driving to Orlando to spend time with your family is a Thanksgiving tradition. Each year, you pack up the minivan and make your way down I-95 to get to your destination.

As usual, the roads are jam-packed with vehicles, and it seems like motorists are more on-edge than ever. In fact, you are fearful you are going to get into an accident, and unfortunately, you just might.

Thanksgiving Driving Dangers

Although you may think that New Year’s Eve is the deadliest day for drivers, it actually falls behind Thanksgiving. It is estimated that over 400 fatal car accidents occurred last year alone during the Thanksgiving holidays.

Here’s why the national holiday of thanks leads so often to tragic consequences:

  • More vehicles result in more accidents. Of those traveling for Thanksgiving, about 91 percent will do so by driving. This means congested roads, traffic jams, and an increased opportunity for getting into an accident.
  • Drowsiness is dangerous. Long hours behind the wheel while traveling can make drivers extremely drowsy, which can cloud their judgment, lengthen their reaction time, and cause them to potentially fall asleep behind the wheel. Add a heavy Thanksgiving meal on top of that, and you could have a recipe for a deadly accident.
  • Some drivers are unfamiliar with the area. Just like you, many of those on the road at Thanksgiving are traveling to places in which they are unfamiliar. This means they might not know the roads and may drive slower, or even make wrong turns, all of which could cause an accident.

Get the Compensation You Deserve

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