car_insuranceFlorida requires all drivers to have a minimum amount of insurance in order to drive legally.

While comprehensive coverage is one of the many types of Florida auto insurance not required by law, it can be highly beneficial for drivers to purchase this kind of insurance—especially if they drive rare or valuable vehicles.

Common Events Covered by Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Comprehensive insurance covers your vehicle for damage caused by something other than a crash with another vehicle. Since a wide range of damages is covered, comprehensive insurance can be an expensive option for your car. However, it might be extremely useful if you drive frequently or live in a big city.

Covered events under comprehensive insurance can include:

  • Animal strikes. Striking smaller animals such as opossums or squirrels can pop tires, while hitting larger wildlife may cause major damage to your car.
  • Running off the road. If you manage to swerve off the road in time to avoid hitting an obstacle, comprehensive insurance can cover the damage sustained to the undercarriage or body work.
  • Glass repair. Comprehensive insurance reimburses you after incidents with falling or missile objects, including windshields broken by tree limbs, rocks, or flying debris.
  • Weather damage. Hurricanes, flooding, hail, and landslides may all be covered.
  • Theft and vandalism. Comprehensive insurance can restore your property if your car is stolen, burgled, or vandalized.
  • Fire damage. An engine that catches fire from a mechanical problem is not only a deadly occurrence, but also costs thousands of dollars to repair.

Comprehensive insurance may also be used to cover the overflow costs of an accident. For instance, liability insurance doesn't pay for damage to your vehicle in a crash, nor will it help with the financing or interest costs of your car if you're still making payments.

If you're unsure which insurer should be paying for your damages, simply fill out the quick contact form on this page today to schedule a consultation with our car accident attorneys.