If you’re ever ridden your motorcycle at night, you know how amazing it is. Riding over the St. John’s River on the Astor Bridge is quite a sight, and driving on the curvy SR 11 at night is absolutely thrilling. Riding when it’s dark does pose a few dangers, however, and knowing how to adjust could prevent you from getting into a Florida motorcycle crash.

Inspect Your Equipment

Now more than ever you need to have your equipment working at its best. Before you go out, inspect your headlight to ensure that it is aimed correctly, and check your taillights to see that they are also working. Also, make sure your helmet and goggles are free of scratches, which can make seeing even more difficult.

Make Yourself Noticed

Visibility is always crucial when you’re on a motorcycle. The fact is, if a driver doesn’t see you, there’s a good chance he may crash into you. Increase your presence by installing nighttime running lights to the front of your bike to make yourself more noticeable. Adding reflective tape to your helmet and motorcycle can also make you much more visible to others.

Use Caution

At night you need to ride as cautiously as possible. Give yourself plenty of distance between you and other vehicles so that you give yourself a chance to react to what the driver in front of you does. Additionally, drive the speed limit—or just below—so that you can stop abruptly if you need to and to prevent getting a ticket for going too fast.

Preventing a Florida motorcycle crash isn’t always possible, but you can reduce the odds of becoming a victim by taking a little bit of time to make your bike safer.

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